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November 19th to December 2nd

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All Natural Chicken Drumsticks, Valu Pak
0.77 lb
All Natural Pork Butt Roast <br>2 piece
1.23 lb, Cry-O-Vac
All Natural Pork Steak
1.61 lb, Valu Pak
All Purpose or Self Rising Best Choice Flour
1.38 5 Lb
Artesano, Classic White or Sweet Hawaiian Sara Lee Dinner Rolls
1.80 12 Ct
Aunt Bessie's Super Clean Chitlin's
11.00 5 lb
Beef, Chicken or Natural Goodness Chicken Swanson Broth
.31 14.5 Z
Birds Eye Corn, Broccoli Cuts, Peas or Mixed Vegetables
.80 14-16 Z
Blue Bell Ice Cream
4.54 1/2 Gal
Blue Bell Ice Cream Cups
4.54 12 Ct
C & H Sugar 4 Lb or Powdered or Brown Sugar 2 LB
Cafe Valley Large Butter or Cocktail Croissant
3.33 6-15 ct
California Baby Carrots
78¢ 1 lb
California Navel Oranges
29¢ ea
Campbell's Original Cream of Chicken or Cream of Mushroom Soup
.89 10.5 Z
Carnation Evaporated Milk
1.14 12 Z
Chairman's Reserve Premium Black Angus Boneless London Broil
3.26 lb
Claussen Pickles or Sauerkraut
3.26 20-32 oz
Creole Butter or Honey Marinade Tony Chachere's Injectables
2.72 17 Z
Daisy Sour Cream
1.52 16 Z
Eckrich Li'l Smokies
3.77 28 oz
Field's Pecan Pies
4.58 32 Z
French's Original Crispy Fried Onions
3.16 6 Z
Great American Seafood Cooked Shrimp 26/30 count
16.98 2 lb
Handi-Foil Ultra Oval or Rectangle Roaster
1.33 EA
Hiland Whipping Cream 1/2 Pint or Half & Half Pint
Honeycrisp Apples
1.21 lb
Jessie Lord 8" Pumpkin Pie
3.99 22 oz
Kraft Jet-Puffed Mini Marshmallows 10 Z or Marshmallow Creme 7 Z
Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1.52 8 Z Box
Libby's Cut or French Style Green Beans, Whole Kernel or Cream Style Corn or Peas
.42 14.5-14.75 OZ
Luden's Wild Cherry Throat Drops
1.19 30 ct
Nabisco Ritz 8-14 OZ, Snack Crackers 8-10 OZ
Nestle Toll House Semi Sweet Morsels
2.25 12 Z
Oscar Mayer Uploaded Lunchables
2.81 14.1-15.6 oz
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
1.71 8 Z
Regular or Deep Dish Pet Ritz Pie Crusts
1.61 2 Ct
Regular or Unsalted Hiland Butter
2.25 1 Lb Qtrs
Renuzit Adjustable Air Freshners Fall & Winter Scents
.69 7 oz
Rhodes Dinner Rolls
3.41 30-48 Z
Scripto <span>EZ</span> Squeeze Torch
3.77 EA
Seedless Red Grapes
1.21 lb
Select Varieties Heinz Homestyle Gravy
1.36 12 Z
Select Varieties Stove Top Stuffing Mix
1.36 6 Z
Sparkletts Purified Water
2.99 35 Pk 16.9 Z
Suave Body Wash Select Varieties
1.57 15 oz
Suave Invisible Solid Deodorant Select Varieties
.89 1.4 oz
Sugardale Applewood Smoked Boneless Ham
9.99 3 lb
Super Select Cucumbers
33¢ ea
Sweet, Unsweetened, or with Splenda Red Diamond Tea
1.80 Gallon
Yellow Onions
98¢ 3 lb

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